Proyecto :
Receptores de luz 
Disciplina :
Becario :
Luca Salas Bassani Antivari
Elena Tudela , Patricia Alvarez De Anda, Rafael Ponce
Fotos :
Andrea Cinta

These instruments, receivers are indicators of the solar zenith in Mexico City. It is the midpoint of the sun during a day. There were 3 specific moments, winter solstice, summer solstice which are the most distant points of the sun’s position with respect to the earth and the zenith that exists in Mexico which is at the time of May and July, which indicates a moment in which all shadows are parallel to the sun. moment in which every shadow remains parallel to its object making it seem to disappear. The zenith is a magical moment of natural light that by means of a red diffuser shows us a colored light in the conical object receiving its own shadow, marking this moment with a colored light.
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