Luca Salas Bassani Antivari
Frontespizio Ricardo i. Salas Moreno
October 21, 2015
Museo de la Canceleria, Mexico City
Instalation – Museum
Pictures of processes, inspirations, curiosities, textures, colors, reticles, feelings, embodied in pages that they seemed to fly suspended in a fragment of time. As the fragmented image projected on the eyelids when you close your eyes mixing processes of thought. As an open book in the process of composition.
The renowned graphic design editorial office Frontespizio cured a retrospective exhibition of his contribution to editorial design in Mexico with more than 850 publications.
We worked together with the graphic design studio to discover the processes behind their publications and translate those processes in luminous language. Where do the ideas come, the approach of a grid, typographic proposal, the print formats, there is a two-dimensional volume ...? We asked questions that led us to break down these processes and reach, as a result of an orderly search the image of an exploited book. 
We realized that graphic design such as lighting design, require contrasts that generate volumes, compositions of elements of the page (space), colors (materials), texts, images and especially a wire that surrounds the concept original publication.
The result of our research is reflected in the light and spatial translation of that fragment of time where all components of a publication are suspended in the air. A multimedia installation of 13: 53min repetition start projecting "lighting images" on 120 sheets of paper tyvek 90g, randomly suspended in a space 3x6x2.5m. lighting images intervened set to study graphic design that evoked memories, design tools, texts among other items of interest designer and his journey through 850 editorial publications.